Combined Privacy Policy and Information Document

1. The registrar

Porkkalan Parenteesi ry
Purnuksentie 55
02570 Siuntio kk
+358 (0)9 256 4040
Business ID: 1807380-6

2. The registrar contact

Porkkalan Parenteesi ry
+358 (0)9 256 4040

3. Name of the register

Customer register of the Porkkalan Parenteesi ry online store.

4. Purpose of processing personal information

The purpose of this register is to enable online trading in the Porkkalan Parenteesi ry online store, like for example sending order information, billing information, payment confirmation info and handling information between the merchant and the customer. Further purposes are to enable customer service based contact and customer relationship management as well as direct marketing, when not prohibited by the customer.

5. The register contents

First and last name
Postal code
Phone number
Email address

Corporate customers will additionally be asked for their:

Company name
Company ID number
E-invoice address
E-invoice intermediary

6. Sources of information

Personal data is mainly collected from the persons themselves via electronic forms while using Porkkalan Parenteesi ry online store.

7. Transfer of data outside the EU and European economic area

The data are completely available to the registrar, and are only forwarded to merchants in question. The merchants of Porkkalan Parenteesi ry online store are all members of Porkkalan Parenteesi ry (Porkkala Parenthesis association). The data is not transferred outside European union member states or the European economic area.

8. Principles of data protection

A. Physical data
If physical copies are printed out of the register, they are stored in a locked space and only the registrar will have access to the data.

B. Electronic data
The register is located on servers belonging to Aptual Commerce Oy, which are situated in a secure server farm. The full register is only accessible to the registrar. Merchants (in this case Porkkala Parenteesi ry) have access to the personal data of customers that have made orders to their Johku store, in the extent that is required to complete the business transaction.

9. Right of inspection

Users have a right to inspect the data pertaining to themselves. The inspection is free of charge if done once a year. The inspection request needs to be made in writing with a signed letter, or in person at the registrar.

10.  Revision of data

Everyone has the right to claim revision of their personal data. The claim needs to be made in writing and as specified as possible.

11. Other potential rights

According to section 30 of the Personal Data Act "A data subject has the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing, market research, opinion polls, public registers or genealogical research."

The user may prohibit this through:

Porkkalan Parenteesi ry
Purnuksentie 55
02570 Siuntio kk
+358 (0)9 256 4040


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