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Private Small Group: Porkkala Peninsula (4h)

Private Small Group: Porkkala Peninsula (4h)
€1690.00 / 4 h


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Discover the region's abundant natural beauty, delve into the local lifestyle, and immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage. The Porkkala Peninsula now stands as a delightful retreat by the Baltic Sea, welcoming visitors for short excursions or extended camping stays to fully embrace the wonders of nature.

However, beyond its picturesque taiga forests and archipelago vistas, the area bears historical significance as a former Russian Naval Base during the post-World War II and Cold War era, recognized as the "Porkkala Parenthesis" or "Porkkala lease time." This period holds a unique place in Finland's narrative.

Upon arrival, the group will leisurely traverse a 3 km nature trail leading to the cape of the peninsula, immersing themselves in the enchanting archipelago landscape. Keep a keen eye out for a 200-year-old lighthouse and the possibility of encountering majestic elk or deer, adding a touch of wildlife wonder to this holistic exploration.

Take note of the added allure during spring and autumn. These seasons mark a pivotal time for bird watchers, offering a unique opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of migratory birds departing for winter and returning in the spring. The Porkkala Peninsula, with its abundant natural beauty, not only provides a scenic backdrop but also serves as a migratory route for various bird species. Keep your binoculars ready to spot and appreciate the fascinating avian journeys, adding an extra layer of wonder to this holistic exploration.

A visit to this area is truly a guaranteed jewel for any nature enthusiast.

Price 1362,90€ +24% VAT per Group

Included in Price:

  • Transfers Helsinki-Porkkala-Helsinki

  • Guided Tour with an authorised guide

  • Light campfire snacks (Filled toasts, sausages, hot dogs, pancakes or similar, also vegan / vegetarian options)

  • Maximum 10 Guests