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Group Activity "Nordic Walking" (2h)

Group Activity "Nordic Walking" (2h)
€390.00 / 2 h


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Discover Helsinki's vibrant culture in an active and educational way with our Nordic Walking and Guided City Tour combo! Led by authorized guides and certified Nordic Walking Instructors, our tour not only immerses you in the city's history but also teaches you the art of Nordic Walking.

Key Features:

  • Educational Exploration: Uncover the secrets of Helsinki's past and present with our expert guides sharing captivating stories and insights throughout the city tour.

  • Landmarks and Urban Nature: From iconic landmarks to city nature, our guided tour showcases Helsinki's diverse wonders.

  • Pole-Ready Adventure: No need to worry about equipment! Poles are provided, ensuring you experience the full benefits of Nordic Walking during the city exploration.

  • Nordic Walking Instruction: Our certified Instructors will teach you the proper Nordic Walking techniques, transforming your stroll into a dynamic and effective workout.

  • Scenic Fitness: Enjoy the picturesque beauty of Helsinki's parks, waterfronts, and hidden gems as you engage in a light yet invigorating Nordic Walking experience.

Included in the price: Nordic Walking instruction, guidance

Max. group size: 15 people