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Group Activity "Basics of Metal Detecting" (3h)

Group Activity "Basics of Metal Detecting" (3h)
€695.00 / 3 h


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This activity introduces participants to the secrets of metal detecting and the layers of history around us.

The activity begins by going through the basics of metal detecting. When heading out into the field, everyone gets the opportunity to practice using a metal detector and learn to understand the signals it gives. Discoveries have been hidden by Evenio as digging in the ground with shovels is only possible if prior permission has been obtained from the landowner. (The ground must also be thawed.)

Finally, we examine, bag, and document the findings, as is customary.

Price: 695 € (incl. VAT 24% ) / 3 hours

Group size: Max. 15 persons (recommendation)

Price includes:

  • Lecture and guidance on the basics of the hobby

  • Outdoor metal detecting

  • Gloves and bags for participants

  • 1 metal detector provided

For trips outside the Greater Helsinki area, mileage reimbursement or the cost of transportation will be added to the expenses.