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Guided Walking Tour for groups "Vallisaari Island" (2h)

Guided Walking Tour for groups "Vallisaari Island" (2h)
€389.00 / 2 h


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Discover the hidden gem of Vallisaari, a tranquil island nestled beside the famed Suomenlinna Fortress. This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore Vallisaari's fortifications, maritime history, and the delicate nuances of its archipelago nature—an absolute delight away from the bustling tourist crowds.

The 'Alexander's Route' spans approximately 3 km, and with some hills along the way, the island's serene atmosphere and less-touristic charm create a delightful experience.

The 30-minute ferry ride through the Helsinki archipelago adds to the allure, making Vallisaari the perfect escape for those seeking a suitable activity with less crowds. Ask for private water bus -tour or simply arrive on the island and let's embark on foot together.

Included in price:

Guided walking Tour 2 hours

Max. 25 Guests

Additional services:

Private transportation by waterbus